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Jumpstart your global educational experience with a visit to the Education Abroad Office (EAO). It is our core belief that educational experiences abroad build vital global awareness and citizenry, we are your number one resource as you study, serve or intern abroad.

We help you find the meaningful study abroad opportunities that fit you and your path at Seattle University. With over 500 students participating in International Programs annually, we support you as you navigate the vast options available, find programs that help you earn credit toward your degree, prepare you for your time away and assist in your reintegration upon return. 

We also support faculty and staff as they develop their own programs and advise their students on how and when to incorporate a study abroad experience into their academic plans and schedules.

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To start your journey abroad, our Explore Programs page offers a wealth of information, from Programs, Financial Planning, to Health and Safety and much more. Once you meet with an advisor, we will introduce you to your Horizons portal and other tools to help you prepare to launch your education abroad experience. Redhawk students fly far and wide to discover more about themselves, gain field and language experience and develop themselves as global citizens. Our Hawks Around the World blog is a place to get an inside view into the experiences of fellow Redhawks. 

Braden Sigua, '20, Philosophy & Spanish

Student Blogger

"Hi there! My name is Braden Sigua and I’m a Junior at SU studying Philosophy and Spanish. From January to June of 2019, I’m going to be studying abroad in Puebla, Mexico to learn about the Spanish language and Mexican culture! When I’m not diligently hitting the books, I like dancing in spite of my lack of skill, making very particular inside jokes with friends, and deciding which drip coffee actually tastes the best. I hope you’ll read along on my journey, and don’t forget to drink some water today!"

Braden Sigua, '20, Philosophy & Spanish SU Faculty Led - Latin American Studies Program (LASP): Puebla, Mexico, Winter & Spring 2019
Photo of Dylan
Dylan Schechtel - International Studies & Spanish minor

SU Sponsored: ISA Peru

The chance to study in Peru was such a gift! My time abroad helped me realize my love of Spanish - something that will definitely influence the career choices that I make after graduating from Seattle U. It also allowed me to develop lifelong relationships with my host family and fellow students. Peru will always have a piece of my heart!

Kasha Bradford-Adams - International Studies & French Minor

Faculty-Led: French-in-France

Studying abroad provided me with opportunities to not only learn a new language and culture, but to learn about myself. The growth I underwent, away from some of the day-to-day pressures I faced in Seattle, helped me develop a sense of comfort in my own skin. Although there were difficulties, the positive impact of my experience outweighs them. I am grateful for the time I spent in France, and would do it over again.

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