Financial Planning

I. Budget and Cost Center Setup

It is important to set up a program budget in advance of any financial activity. Program Leaders should work with their school/college budget manager for this process.

  • Set up a program cost center: New Agency Fund Form.
  • As you incur expenses for the program, you can request reimbursement according the SU policy for travel and check requests. These forms are available on InSite under the Controller’s section.
  • Be sure to keep accurate records of your expenses before, during and after your program in order to request reimbursement. Keep a written record of expenses you incur while on-site for which you may not have receipts (ex. tips, taxi fares).

II. Student Billing

  • Set up student billing fees:
    • Complete the Fillable Billing Request Form6007 to declare participants’ program and deposit fees.
    • Sign and submit to the Education Abroad Specialist assigned to your college, by January 15th. It will be reviewed and submitted to Student Financial Services to set up billing.
    • The collection of program deposits and fees cannot begin until this form is completed and returned to Student Financial Services Services.
  • Inform students they must pay the program deposit with Student Financial Services and their SU Student Accounts will be billed for the program fee via course enrollment. 
  • Once Student Financial Services receives the Billing Request form, the program fee will be attached to the course and the students’ accounts will automatically be charged through course registration.
    • All students must be manually registered into your course.
  • The funds collected through the student billing process will be credited to the cost center established for the course.

III. Student Financial Aid Budget

  • The Fillable 2016 ST Financial Aid Budget for short term programs is used to calculate the total amount of funds participants will need to consider for financial aid requests. Expense considerations include: program fee, tuition (if applicable), transportation, passport processing, etc. 
  • The completed form should be forwarded to your Education Abroad Specialist. 
  • Student Financial Services will use it to determine students' eligibility for aid.