SU Sponsored

SU Sponsored and Exchange 2018-2019 deadline has ended!

Thank you to all the students that applied for 2018-2019 Sponsored and Exchange programs. For students who missed the deadline, no need to worry! Come by our office to talk about options. 

Follow the steps outlined below and be sure to consult with the EAO to see if there is any additional program-specific paperwork you will need to complete.

1. Complete the SU Sponsored Horizons Application by February 1st

2. Apply to Your Program (After acceptance of nomination - typically 2-3 weeks after Feb 1st)

  • Students are encouraged to apply directly to the SU Sponsored program immediately after being nominated by Seattle University. Nomination does not guarantee placement. Please adhere to program deadlines. 

3. Complete Education Abroad Course Approval Form  

  • For questions regarding the form see Guide to Completing a Course Approval Form or contact the Education Abroad office
  • $125 late fee for forms submitted after the deadline. $250 late fee for forms submitted after program start date. Failure to do so may jeopardize participation in the program

Deadlines vary depending on time of travel. Ex: If you are traveling in fall quarter, submit your paperwork by May 1st.

  • Fall Quarter: May 1st
  • Winter Quarter: November 1st
  • Spring Quarter: February 1st
  • Summer Quarter: April 1st

UNIVERSITY CORE: Submit Course Approval Forms to University Core (USVC 140A) to meet Education Abroad Office deadline.
*UCOR will still accept Course Approval Forms after the dates below, but they cannot guarantee the form will be returned before the Education Abroad deadline. Please allow about 2 weeks processing time at UCOR. Please include page 1 and 3 of Course Approval Form.*

  • Winter 2018: October 16, 2017
  • Spring 2018: January 16, 2018
  • Summer 2018: March 19, 2018
  • Fall 2018: April 16, 2018

4. Complete a Travel Warning Petition

  • SU policy prevents students from participating in international programs and activities that take place in a country under Department of State warning. If your host country is under a travel warning please review our Travel Warning Policy.

5. Meet with Student Financial Services (Optional)

  • We encourage students to make an appointment with Student Financial Services to discuss how financial aid may be applied to the selected program.
  • Bring the Financial Aid Budget Form provided by your Education Abroad advisor upon approval.

6. Attend Pre-Departure Orientation

  • Going abroad Fall 2017: TBD
  • Review health and safety information about your destination
  • Confirm with EAO that all information required has been submitted by the established deadlines

7. Go Abroad!