SU Internships

International Development Internship Program

Students are challenged to explore the root causes and consequences of situations that undermine the well-being of individuals in the developing world. Placements are available in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

MRC International Internships

Humanities for Leadership students are required to complete one international internship during senior year. Internships give students a chance to apply classroom learning to real-world situations.

How it works

  • Apply to program. Deadlines may vary.
  • Additional fees are paid directly to internship provider.
  • Complete required SU paperwork and attend pre-departure orientation.
  • Eligible coursework applies toward the SU degree.


One or multi-quarter tuition depending on the length of the program and any additional fees associated with selected program. Students are enrolled in SU required travel health insurance, which is charged to the students' SU account.

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