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Seattle University

Prepare for Your First Quarter

First Year Students

Take the Next Steps!

If you have submitted your tuition and housing deposits (as applicable), it's time for your next steps!

You will need your Seattle University user ID and password for many of these next steps. Note that your Seattle U password expires every three months. If your password has expired, visit the Password Reset page and click the link "My password has expired."

Online Welcome Course via Canvas

If you've paid your confirmation deposit for Fall 2017, you have access to an online welcome course called "Welcome New Student: Preparing for your First Quarter" via Canvas, Seattle University's online class platform. You will use Canvas for many of your classes here at SU.

This initial Canvas Welcome Course will allow you to:

  1. Submit your Schedule Preferences Form (available beginning Monday, May 8th at 3 p.m. PST)
    • The Department of New Student Registration will register you for your Fall Quarter 2017 classes based on the major to which you were admitted. However, we want to gather some information from you to ensure you are placed in courses that work best for you. 
    • The Schedule Preference Form will also ask if you have (or plan to) take any AP or IB exams for which you may earn SU credit.
    • You can also use the Schedule Preference Form to inform us of any college credit you have received.
  2. Register for a Summer in Seattle Orientation Session (available beginning Monday, May 8th at 3 p.m. PST)

The Canvas Welcome Course will also provide important information about your health insurance options and how to submit immunization documentation. After you have completed your schedule preferences form and registered for a Summer in Seattle session, you will be able to complete Housing preferences.

  • To access the Canvas Welcome Course, visit and enter your Seattle University user ID and password. If you have confirmed your enrollment, the course should appear after you log in. You can also access Canvas via the top toolbar of any Seattle University webpage.

Housing and Residence Life Preferences

After you have submitted your Schedule Preference Form and registered for a Summer in Seattle Orientation session, you will have access to complete your Housing Preferences via your MyHousing portal (link found via Canvas Welcome Course). It is recommended that you submit your Housing Preferences no later than June 1st.

Roommate Searching

  • Students have the option to search for roommates using our roommate searching process in the housing portal. 
  • Roommate searching will start on until June 21, 2017 at 1 p.m. PDT.  This is to ensure incoming students have a large pool of potential roommates to browse.
  • Roommate matching will close on July 19th, 2017.

Students Living Off Campus

Students who plan to live with family off campus must submit a Residential Requirement Exemption Request by June 24th.

To learn more about the Housing selection process, visit the Canvas Welcome Course and click on the box that says "Living On and Off Campus."

Immunization Records & Student Health Insurance

Proof of certain immunizations is required before starting at SU. Seattle University requires all students enrolled in undergraduate courses to provide documentation that they have had two doses of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR).

In addition to the above immunizations, it is strongly recommended that you complete the usual childhood vaccine series and consider the Meningococcal vaccine. Immunization experts have issued a new vaccination recommendation for meningococcal disease stating that all first-year students living in residence halls should be immunized against meningococcal disease, a rare, but potentially fatal, bacterial infection commonly referred to as meningitis.

Immunization records can be uploaded to

More information regarding submission of immunization records and student health insurance can be found in the box that says "Immunizations and Health Insurance" on the Canvas Welcome Course.

Final High School and College Transcripts

As stated in your acceptance letter, initial admission is provisional and contingent upon the successful completion of any coursework in progress.  Enrolling freshmen must submit final transcripts listing all final grades, and confirming graduation by July 15 if enrolling for fall quarter.  Those having completed college coursework while enrolled in high school (e.g. Washington state "Running Start") must submit official college transcripts by this deadline as well.

Failure to provide your final transcript(s) will result in a hold being placed on your record, delaying registration for subsequent quarters.  

Please note that if your academic performance declines following acceptance, bringing your cumulative GPA below an acceptable level; if you drop or fail coursework in which you were enrolled at the time of acceptance; or if you fail to graduate, Seattle University reserves the right to withdraw acceptance. It is essential that you confer with Admissions Office personnel promptly if you experience any of these academic difficulties following your initial acceptance.

Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Scores

  • First-year students seeking credit for Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams should submit their official scores to Seattle University by July 15th. Unsure if you'll receive credit for your score? Download our AP Policy or our IB Policy to check. 

Winter, spring, and summer quarters

To access a checklist of items you will need to complete, including important items such as class registration and housing, visit the Department of New Student Registration's website at For additional information, contact New Student Registration at (206) 296-5630 or