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Seattle University

Lakeisha Jackson

Lakeisha Jackson tends to stay in motion. A driven student and community leader, she looked for a graduate program where she could do, not just learn. SU is among the top 25 schools in the nation for service learning and community volunteer work (U.S. News & World Report), and the College of Education provides paths to a variety of communitydriven programs. Our graduate candidates don’t just talk about making a difference. They go out and make it happen.

The College of Education helped Lakeisha find a program she was excited about: the Seattle University Youth Initiative (SUYI). Because of our commitment to the community and student passion, she found time to volunteer with SUYI. She joined the other volunteers—more than 1,000 strong—in contributing to afterschool programs, tutoring and mentorship for students in underserved schools such as at Bailey Gatzert Elementary. Recently, SUYI’s Bailey Gatzert middle school saw the highest academic growth rate of any school in Seattle. The exceptional amount of time, commitment and service students contributed prompted the White House to give SU the Presidential Award for Community Service, one of its highest honors, in 2012.

Lakeisha was also able to make a difference through SU’s student development administration program— one of the largest in the nation. She serves as a leader of SUSDA, the Seattle University Student Development Association, managing student leaders, mentoring them and advocating on behalf of the student body. She also contributed as a graduate presenter to undergraduate volunteers with an awareness workshop on creating spiritual dialogue among students. It has given her a chance to apply not only leadership techniques from her classes, but also her compassion and desire to change students’ lives.

At Seattle University, Lakeisha found she could do more than research problems—she was encouraged to go out into the community and solve them. And SU’s commitment to producing students who create real change in the world doesn’t stop at graduation. 93% of its student development administration professionals are placed in full-time jobs within three months of graduation.