Advising Procedures

Your Advisor Can Assist You With:

  • Educational Planning - Advisors assist you in creating your education plan. They can help you pursue your plans to complete an additional major, minor, internship, study abroad, etc.
  • Reading and Interpreting Program Evaluations - The Program Evaluation is a powerful tool for selecting courses toward graduation. Advisors can help you review your program evaluation and counsel you on your academic plans, course and major selection, and discuss academic opportunities available to you. 
  • Assistance with Major or Minor Selection - If you are an undergraduate student and are considering adding a major/minor or changing your current academic program, advisors can help you explore the requirements of various majors and minors. 
  • Registration Problem Solving - Advisors can help you address common registration issues, understand registration restrictions, and get into closed Core classes. Advisors can also help you explore course options, make changes to your schedule, review registration holds, and assist with planning and preparing for quarterly advising and registration period.
  • Academic DifficultyAdvisors can help you evaluate past academic performance and discover the skills and resources necessary to achieve your educational goals. Advisors can connect you with academic and specialized campus services and will work with you if you are on academic probation.
  • Assistance with Study Abroad Course Selection - Once you have chosen a study abroad program and been accepted to the program, advisors can review your potential course selections and help you complete your Education Abroad Course Approval Form.
  • Pre-Professional Advising - If you are in a pre-professional program, advisors can also assist you in planning, preparing for, and applying to graduate or professional schools.  
  • Petition and Policy Related Questions - Advisors can explain university policies and procedures and assist you in completing various petitions and forms.

Advising & Registration Checklist

Review this Advising & Registration Checklist to ensure you are prepared for Registration:

Review Program Evaluation View on SU Online
Identify your Academic Advisor(s) View on Program Evaluation
Schedule an Advising Appointment Varies by advisor - can be through Calendly, Starfish, email, etc.
Check Registration Time & Mark on Calendar View on SU Online
Check & Resolve Holds View on SU Online
Review Class Options and Draft Possible Schedules Use SU Online and the Planning Resources for Degrees
Draft or Update Educational Plan Educational Planning Grid Link
Meet with your Academic Advisor Bring educational planning materials
Register for Classes Click on "View Class Schedule" after registering to double-check

Advising Session Expectations

  • Freshmen will meet in-person with their advisor during each quarter during the first year.
  • New transfer students will meet with their advisor before registering for their second and third quarters.

Important Notes:

  • Not all courses required for your degree will be offered every quarter. Make sure to review the 2 year projected course offerings and check SU Online for accuracy.
  • If you have trouble resolving Advising Holds, contact the Student Persistence office.