Get "hands on" experience related to your major field, build a network of contacts, and find out if your career interest is really what you want to pursue after graduation.


  • Begin discussions about your internship plans with your academic advisor early on.
  • Get assistance from an advisor in Career Services on how to search and apply for internships posted on the Redhawk Network.
  • Speak to your program's designated internship director or department chair to learn more about internships in your major.


  • Catalog of Information Review your program requirements in the Catalog to find out if there is an internship requirement in your major. Depending on your major, you may be required to do an internship in order to complete your degree.
  • See Internship Information on the College of Arts & Sciences website for a complete overview of all aspects of the internship experience.
  • Go to the Redhawk Network page on the Career Services webpage to check out internship opportunities.