Creating an Educational Plan

Planning your education is an essential component to achieving your educational goals while at Seattle University.  An Educational Plan lays out your courses quarter by quarter through degree completion. Creating your plan will help you review your remaining degree requirements and help determine which classes to take and when to take them. 

Step by Step Instructional Video

This video provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to create your educational plan.  It also includes helpful instructions on how to read your Program Evaluation.


Six Simple Steps to Creating an Educational Plan

1. Educational Planning blank

This document is used to draft your customized Educational Plan.

  • Download online.

2. Program Evaluation 

This document is updated in real-time and provides you with a full list of requirements needed to complete a SU degree for your major. Find your Program Evaluation on SUOnline's Student Menu.

  • Write the courses you have taken, and/or are registered for, into your Educational Planning form by utilizing your Program Evaluation. Including your grades will help you monitor your GPA.

3. Academic Catalog 

This online tool explains the specific requirements for graduation included on your Program Evaluation and includes the official course descriptions and prerequisites for the courses required by your major, school or college, and University Core.

  • Access at
  • Use the Catalog to check if the courses you need take have required prerequisites.

4. Typical Program of Study & Projected 2-Year Course Offerings

These sample templates are designed to give you an idea on when and how to complete your degree requirements and tentative schedules of when courses will be offered. Your specific plan will vary.

  • Get an idea of when the courses you need are offered by utilizing the Projected 2-Year Course Offerings.

5. Search for classes via Student Menu on SUOnline 

SUOnline provides the quarterly class schedule for the current academic year. The next academic year schedule is typically published online in April.

  • Now that you know when classes may be offered, start mapping out your remaining degree requirements on your Educational Planning form.

6. Revise with your Academic Advisor

Meet with your Academic Advisor to review your Educational Plan. Revisit your plan often; it is important to make updates throughout your academic journey.