Interested in Adding a Minor?

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What is a minor?

  • A minor is a secondary field of study that often complements a major. Although not a degree requirement, a minor allows students to include related coursework in a meaningful way.

What are the credit requirements?

  • Minors typically require a minimum 30 additional credits. Students interested in pursuing a minor will be held to all applicable requirements laid out in the Minors.pdf.

What minors are offered?

  • Majors offering undergraduate minors outline specific requirements in the current undergraduate catalog or go to the Program Information for all Majors page.

How do I add a minor?

  • You can find guidelines on how to add a minor through the Registrar Office.

Should I add a minor?

  • If you wish to pursue any of the options discussed here, talk with your advisor about which option would be the most beneficial, when to declare, what requirements must be met, how your course choice may be affected, and how the time of your degree will be impacted.