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Class of 1967 Lost Alumni

Help us invite your classmates to Grand Reunion Weekend! The alumni below are those we don't have contact information for. If you know how to get in touch with them email Angela White and we'll get them an invite to the festivities!

Marylin Amaral
Mary Casey
Leona Desjardins
Mary Doore
Mary Dowling
Gloria Eberle
Frances Flynn
Steven Fraser
Gregory Gapis
Teresa Geisler
Catherine Gerhard
Janet (Nelson) Harris
Mary Hartley
Lucia Hill
Barbara Hurst
Gregory Hutchinson
Germaine Kenny
Michele Kenny
Clayton Kim
Ronald Kinley
Lizabeth Lyons
Marion MacIntyre
Mary Mallon
Terry McCoy
Pat McCoy
Marybeth (Landgon) Nielsen
Terri Pagni
Diane Park
Mary Ann (Molitor) Parker
Peter Pegnam
Marie Pembrooke
Nancy Powell
Frieda Raab
Patricia Serino
Laurie (Brown) Spangler
Elaina Stewart
Marianne Strub
Dorothy Styslinger
Anne (Gilmartin) Toubert
Diane Umphrey
Elaine (Egan) Vaughan
Virginia Weinrauch
Robert Wheeldon