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Graduate Programs in Criminal Justice

Grounded in social justice

Comprehensive, rigorous study of crime and the societal responses to it.

Moving your career forward

One of only five U.S. graduate programs certified by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Logo for the Academy of Criminal Justice SciencesCriminal Justice is an academic discipline that enjoys a high job placement rate and criminal Justice graduates at the undergraduate and graduate levels pursue many career routes.

While many positions in the criminal justice system require the BA degree or in some cases a high school diploma, increasingly positions in today's competitive job market require the Master's degree and/or provide salary increases commensurate with education level.

Students who complete the MA degree in criminal justice generally seek careers in

  • law enforcement,
  • private security,
  • community and institutional corrections,
  • court services,
  • victim services,
  • social services,
  • academia, and/or
  • investigation in a range of public and private agencies.

“On an academic level as well as a very practical level, I’ve taken my degree and applied it directly to fighting crime. I am doing something for my community and the people of Washington. Supporting police work is the best way for me to fulfill my desire to work in public service.”

Heather Gorton, MACJ '14 Crime Analyst, Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Three Degree Options

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (MACJ)

Curriculum consists of 55 credits, and students have the option to specialize in one of three areas:

  • Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation
  • Victimology
  • Investigative Criminology

MACJ/JD Joint Degree

Interested in obtaining both the Masters in Criminal Justice and JD degrees? Complete the degrees in less time than if the two were obtained independently. Students must be admitted to both programs.

Crime Analysis Certificate Program (CACP)

An online-only program, 25 credit hours, can be completed on a full-time basis in one year or part-time in two years. Students take a series of required foundation courses (19 credits), and elective courses (6 credits) on data management and analysis, terrorism, and intelligence analysis.

Students may apply up to 10 CACP credit hours to the MACJ degree upon certificate completion. Current MACJ students and alumni may apply up to 10 CRJS credit hours toward the CACP. Learn more.

Dr. Elaine Gunnison, Director of the Masters in Criminal Justice Programs at Seattle University welcomes you to the program and invites you to find out more about one of the top-rated criminal justice programs in the nation.

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