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College of Arts and Sciences

English Department

Located in one of the most literate, smartest, greenest, most caffeinated, and all-around best cities for young people, near the heart of downtown, within walking distance of jobs, and a stone's throw from cinemas, theaters, cafes, and restaurants, the Department of English welcomes you to its diverse community of readers, creative writers, literary scholars, filmmakers, and cultural critics!    

Statement of Values

As an inclusive Department, we affirm our commitment to the holistic development of all students and we value their diverse identities, orientations, backgrounds, and traditions. Read more.

Degrees Offered:

What is it like to be an English major?

Our professors are committed to your intellectual and creative development.  In the Jesuit tradition, we are committed to your personal and professional formation as well. Read more.

Why pursue a degree in English?

The major in English is excellent preparation for careers in law, journalism, advertising and marketing, technical writing, video games, media, and many other fields, as well as for advanced degrees in literary studies, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, women and gender studies, cultural studies, teaching, and other disciplines in the humanities. Read more. 

What courses will I study?

The faculty in the English Department have worked together to design a coherent course of study. Read more.