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Women and Gender Studies at Seattle University Inaugurates LGBTQ Studies

The Program has a rich history of intellectual studies and creative work that links the campus to the community. Women and Gender Studies was inaugurated as a Minor in 1992 and expanded to a Major in 2006 and has become one of the strongest interdisciplinary programs on campus. Women and Gender Studies rigorously challenges conventional cultural assumptions about multiple forms of sexual difference as constructed by culture and history, and how these forms of difference intersect with forces like race, sexuality, class, and colonialism.

We have developed courses to introduce important and innovative research that addresses problems such as hierarchies of knowledge, global and transnational feminist movements, the historical roots of gender inequality, and the ethical and theological foundations of gender and human rights. The program reflects the fundamental commitment of the pedagogy of feminist and gender studies to give students critical tools to engage the challenges of contemporary life and to work toward a goal of social justice and social transformation.

Join us this year at a series of events that focus on women and gender in the Middle East, leadership in business and non-profit organizations, gender and immigration, transgender studies, and new feminisms in South Asian social media, film, and literature. 


Nova Robinson, PhD

Professor Nova Robinson

Dr. Robinson is an expert on the internationalization of women’s rights. Her work recovers Arab women’s efforts to change the definition of women’s rights on the international level to better align with how women’s rights were structured in their societies. Studying the integration of women’s rights into the international system shows who had the power to define those rights and how these power dynamics have shaped the diffusion of women’s rights protections around the world. Dr. Robinson is pictured at the home of Nour Hamada, a Lebanese women’s rights activist, who lobbied the League of Nations for a more expansive definition of women’s rights on the international level. Hamada’s efforts reveal Arab women’s long-standing engagement with discussions of women’s rights at home and abroad.

Nova Robinson, PhD Assistant Professor, History and International Studies

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