China (or the Greater China that includes Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Special Administration Region of China) has increasingly become a major player on the political and economic stage in East Asia and in global politics. Its culture, philosophy, and arts have had lasting influence in the East Asian region. The opening up of China in the post-Mao era since 1976 has provided ample opportunities for scholarly pursuit, business and trade ventures, government and foreign services, and legal and other professional undertakings.

In response to the new opportunities and challenges, the Chinese Program sets forth not only to provide students with another option to meet the language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences at SU, but also to prepare those who aspire to or are interested in the exploration of careers related to China. Currently, Chinese Program offers Chinese language courses from elementary to the advanced levels. These courses, together with courses offered by the Asian Studies Major, provide students a broad, diversified and yet focused learning experience on China. Students can also choose to minor in Chinese in addition to their major.

The Chinese Program, in cooperation with Soochow University, offers opportunities for students to study in the beautiful city of Suzhou, China for a semester or a year after completing a year of Chinese language study at SU or the equivalent.

Degree offered: minor

Proficiency Test (HSK 汉语水平考试)

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