More than 400 million people are native speakers of Spanish, coming in second after Mandarin in terms of global population. An official language of the United Nations and the European Union, Spanish is the most popular second language learned by native American English speakers.

Our Spanish program gives you the opportunity to explore Spanish language, literature, and culture in the classroom, on campus, and abroad.

  • Spanish Residential Community provides an on-campus living environment for students interested in the culture and language of Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish Residential Community is based in the 4th floor of Xavier Global House and shares the floor with the French Academic Community.

  • The Latin American Studies Program in Puebla, Mexico, is a cooperative arrangement with the Universidad Iberoamericana, Puebla, a prestigious Jesuit university of approximately 5,000 students Students attend classes three hours daily, Monday through Friday, and all classes are conducted in Spanish. Students can earn credits toward a major or minor in Spanish, a minor in Latin American Studies, or a major in International Studies. The program is offered during the winter and spring quarters.

  • Apart from classes, an educational excursion to Mexico City and Oaxaca are scheduled during winter quarter. A required major two-week field trip as part of the course entitled SP 3930-Latin American History, Politics and Societies is scheduled at the end of Spring quarter. Students are housed with Mexican families, bringing them especially close to the culture of the host country. The program requires at least one year of college-level Spanish prior to participation.

  • Summer intensive language programs on campus.

Degrees offered: BA, minor



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