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    What Makes Our Degree Distinctive? 

    Interdisciplinary, Intersectional, International

    Congratulations to WGST graduating class of 2018!

    Eva Cerretani, Annamarie DeGennaro, Edith Guzman, Jaclyn Milliron, Jackie (Cheuk-Ki) Sin, and Gabriel Narvaez

    W&GS Departmental Honors Projects

    • Annamarie DeGennaro, “(Re)Writing Scripts: An Autohistoria of Consensual Non-Monogamy.”  Advisor: Jodi O'Brien (Sociology)
    • Eva Cerretani, “State Violence and the Disciplining of Genders: A Foucauldian Analysis of the U.S. Prison Industrial Complex.” Advisor: Natalie Cisneros (Philosophy)
    • Edith Guzman, “Transcending Guatemala’s Civil War Settler-Colonial Narrative through Mayan Voices and History—A Healing of Space and Memory.” Mentor: Serena Cosgrove (Sociology)


    We provide you with an open intellectual setting where you can challenge yourself academically, politically, and personally.

    The program goes beyond the gender binary and covers a broad range of subjects with sensitivity to gender, race, sexual orientation, and class.

    In Women & Gender Studies courses you will learn theories to make sense of inequalities, methods to broaden knowledge, and practical expertise to put your mind to what matters.

    In our courses, you will investigate the vexing histories and present realities of interlinked systems of oppressions and privileges. Using feminism and gender theories and methods alongside interdisciplinary methods, you will study the historical, social, and political experiences of gender within and beyond the gender binary. We will work together to understand the complex dynamics of gender and how the intersections of race, ethnicity, sexualities, and economic circumstances affect social inequalities.

    We offer courses in an array of disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, visual arts, science, engineering, business, economics, and nursing.

    • Your UCOR courses are designed to complement Women & Gender Studies and provide a foundation for courses on feminist, gender, and sexuality theories and research methods.
    • Your elective courses broaden your knowledge base, while internships, community outreach, and study abroad courses take you out of the classroom.
    • In your final year, you will craft an empirically grounded and theoretically informed thesis as a research or creative project.

    Our program takes textbook knowledge to a higher level with learning by doing, hands-on, project-focused work. It links you to the wider world, connecting theory and praxis in a meaningful way.