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College of Arts and Sciences
Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies

The program of courses which comprises the Women and Gender Studies program will enable students to examine women's roles in society from multiple perspectives and disciplines; to understand and evaluate feminist critical scholarship and to apply it across disciplines and in all areas of life; to analyze the connections between gender inequalities and other forms of discrimination (race, class ethnicity, etc.); and to develop abilities and skills to deal positively and effectively with gender issues for individuals and society.

The program is designed for women and men to achieve an increased understanding of the role gender plays in social construction of reality.

Degrees offered: BA, BA with Departmental Honors, minor

Why Women and Gender Studies is the perfect program for you!

Because Women and Gender Studies is an excellent program with motivated faculty and students, and offers you the opportunity to major, double-major, minor and/or experience our program’s educational and informational events!

Because you long for opportunities to learn about feminist, gender, and sexuality issues and to engage in meaningful conversation about them within the solidarity of a supportive community of faculty and peers!

Because you may sometimes think "I wish I would have said this or done that . . ." for yourself or someone else when something racist, sexist, ageist, or insensitive occurs, and you want to be a more effective social justice activist!

Because you want to gain an increased understanding of the role gender and sexuality plays in the social, psychological, and moral construction of reality!

Because you know women, gender, sexuality, racial, and cultural issues are globally important for navigating your future career, and you want to become a committed citizen of the world when you graduate from Seattle University!