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Seattle University has an Education Abroad Office that handles options for student study abroad programs. There are opportunities to go for a quarter, semester, or full school year. Most of these programs are aimed at undergraduate students, as there are a very limited number of classes one can take as a graduate student and receive transfer credit.

In addition to Seattle University's study abroad opportunities, Albers offers a number of short-term courses abroad lead by faculty members, and exchange programs.

Education Abroad Programs

The Education Abroad Office provides a list of global opportunities that are great fits for Albers students. Programs in Beijing, ChinaSeoul, South KoreaMadrid, Spain; and Tokyo, Japan are just a few of the programs suggested for Albers undergraduate students. Undergraduate students interested in studying abroad are required to complete the following five steps in order:

  1. Attend an Information Session. See dates and times listed in the right-hand sidebar.
  2. Schedule an appointment with an SU Education Abroad Office Advisor to review your options. Call 206-296-2226 or stop by Pavilion 124.
  3. After researching your options, schedule an appointment with the Albers Education Abroad Advisor, Liz Hammond Moenig. Call 206-296-5700 or stop by Pigott 318.
  4. Apply to the program(s) you and the Albers Education Abroad Advisor have selected as a good fit for your interests, goals, and academic plan.
  5. Complete all the pre-departure paperwork required by the SU Education Abroad Office. Go abroad!

For those students interested in International Economic Development, Albers also offers the International Development Internship Program, which is a 20 credit, three-phase academic program. For more information visit the IDIP webpage, or contact Program Director, Meena Rishi (Pigott 518).

Education Abroad Courses

Education Abroad Courses are two week in-country classes. The groups explore a country to learn about the culture and history, but also visit local companies for presentations on international business topics. The subject of the course is dependent upon which class you are taking. Classes are given in marketing, economics, e-commerce, to name a few.

Students attend pre-departure classes to familiarize you with the country you are going to visit and begin your class report, which is due at the end of the course. Upon your return, there is a course briefing.

Education Abroad Courses for 2018:

China 2018

August 24-September 6, 2018
Program cost: $2,975 (excluding airfare)
Classes offered:

  • MGMT 4940/5940 (The Cultural Context for Business in China: Trust, Political Institutions, and Confucianism)
  • INBU 4940/5940 (Global E-Business in China)

 For more information, see the China page.

Italian Dolomites Expedition 2018

  • MGMT 5335 (Emotional Intelligence)

September 1-9, 2018
Program cost: $1,800 (excluding airfare)

For more information, see the Italian Dolomites page

Peru 2018

August/September 2018 (exact dates TBD)
Program cost: $3,295 (excluding airfare to/from Peru)
Classes offered: 

  • INBU 5940/4940, section 3 (Cultural Intelligence and Global Business Communication)
  • INBU 5940/4940, section 4 (Economic Development & Financial Markets in Latin-America: Peru)

For more information, see the Peru page


European Union 2018

September 2-15, 2018
Program cost: $3,000 (excluding airfare)
Classes offered: 

  • INBU 5940/4940 (The European Business Environment)
  • ACCT 5940/4940 (Comparative Corporate Governance)

For more information, see the European Union page

Recent Education Abroad Courses:

  • European Union 2017
  • China 2017
  • Guatemala 2017
  • Italian Dolomites Expedition 2017
    Emotional Intelligence (MGMT 5335)
  • Argentina-Chile (The Southern Cone) 2016
  • European Union 2016
  • Hong Kong-Vietnam 2016
  • Italian Dolomites Expedition 2016
    Emotional Intelligence (MGMT 5335)
  • Guatemala 2015
  • Italian Dolomites Expedition 2015
    Emotional Intelligence (MGMT 5335)
  • European Union 2014
  • China 2014
  • Italian Dolomites Expedition 2014
    Emotional Intelligence (MGMT 575)
  • Guatemala 2014
  • Japan and Korea 2013
  • Italian Dolomites Expedition 2013
    Emotional Intelligence (MGMT 575)
  • China and Southeast Asia 2012
  • Germany 2012
  • Central Italy 2011
  • India 2011
  • United Kingdom/Iceland 2010
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For Undergraduate Students

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Not able to attend the above Information Session? Go to the Education Abroad Office in Pavilion 124 to sign up for an Education Abroad Office Information Session. Next, call (206) 296-5700 or go to Pigott 318 to schedule an appointment with Albers Education Abroad Advisor, Liz Hammond Moenig.

For Graduate Students

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