Albers Staff

Dean's Office


Photo of Joseph M. Phillips, PhD

Joseph M. Phillips, PhD

PhD, Economics, University of Notre Dame
MA, Economics, University of Notre Dame
BA, Economics, Magna Cum Laude, LaSalle University

Professor, Economics

Phone: 206-296-5699

Building/Room: Pigott 317

Photo of Madhu Rao, PhD

Madhu Rao, PhD

PhD, Information Systems and International Business, Indiana University
ME, Systems and Information, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
Masters, Management Studies, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
MSc, Chemistry with Honors, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India

Associate Dean
Associate Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-6006

Building/Room: Pigott 314

Photo of Jennifer Arcuri

Jennifer Arcuri

BA, Psychology, Seattle University

Executive Coordinator, Dean's Office

Phone: 206-296-5699

Building/Room: Pigott 317

Photo of Taryn Coles

Taryn Coles

Director of Development

Phone: 206-296-6115

Building/Room: Pigott 432B

Photo of Wendy Kelley

Wendy Kelley

BS, Communications and Marketing, University of Oregon

Assistant Director of Development

Phone: 206-296-2277

Building/Room: Pigott 432C

Photo of Barbara S. Hauke, EdM, MBA

Barbara S. Hauke, EdM, MBA

EdM, Leisure and Recreation Management, Boston University
MBA, International Management, Thunderbird
BA, Germanic Languages and Literature, University of Washington

Director of Marketing and Communications

Phone: 206-296-5732

Building/Room: Pigott 320

Photo of Ilona Legesse

Ilona Legesse

BA, Office Management, Griffin Business College
AA, Arts and Sciences, Shoreline Community College

Manager of Budget and Operations

Phone: 206-296-5638

Building/Room: Pigott 319

Photo of Liz Wick

Liz Wick

Technical Support Specialist

Phone: 206-296-5698

Building/Room: Pigott 325

Undergraduate Programs


Photo of Teresa Ling, PhD

Teresa Ling, PhD

PhD, Engineering Science, University of California, Berkeley
MSc, Engineering Science, University of California, Berkeley
MA, Mathematics, Washington State University
BS, Mathematics, Seattle University

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Instructor, Economics

Phone: (206) 296-5720

Building/Room: Pigott 313

Photo of Liz Hammond Moenig, MEd

Liz Hammond Moenig, MEd

MEd, Student Development Administration, Seattle University
BABA, International Business & Business Economics, Seattle University

Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-5704

Building/Room: Pigott 311

Photo of Evinn Hickey, MEd

Evinn Hickey, MEd

MEd, Student Development Administration, Seattle University
BBA, Marketing/Management, University of Portland

Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-2204

Building/Room: Pigott 310

Photo of Tasha Nālei Jugas, MA

Tasha Nālei Jugas, MA

MA, Communications, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
BA, Business Marketing, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-2160

Building/Room: PIGT 312

Photo of William Radcliffe

William Radcliffe

BA, English Literature, University of Washington

Graduate Assistant/Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 206-398-4620

Building/Room: PIGT 316D

Graduate Programs


Photo of Jeffrey P. Millard, MA

Jeffrey P. Millard, MA

MA, East Asian Studies, University of Arizona
BA, Chinese Language, University of Minnesota

Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-5708

Building/Room: Pigott 324

Photo of Nadeje Alexandre, EdD

Nadeje Alexandre, EdD

EdD, Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Seattle University
MEd, Higher Education Administration and Student Development, Seattle University
BA, Comparative Literature and French, Roosevelt University

Senior Advisor, Graduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-5794

Building/Room: Pigott 322

Photo of Christina Hughes

Christina Hughes

BA, Business Administration and Spanish, University of Puget Sound

Graduate Program Coordinator

Phone: 206-398-4312

Building/Room: Pigott 323

Photo of Molly Countryman, MEd

Molly Countryman, MEd

MEd, Adult Education and Training, Seattle University
BA, Communication, University of Puget Sound

Graduate Programs Advisor

Phone: 206-296-2470

Building/Room: PIGT 316C

Center for Leadership Formation


Photo of Marilyn Gist, PhD

Marilyn Gist, PhD

PhD, University of Maryland at College Park
MBA, University of Maryland at College Park
BA, Howard University

Associate Dean of Executive Programs, Center for Leadership Formation
Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-5413

Building/Room: Pigott 326

Photo of Ariel A. Rosemond, MBA

Ariel A. Rosemond, MBA

Leadership Executive MBA, Seattle University
Executive Leadership Certificate, Seattle University
BS, Excelsior College.

Associate Director, Center for Leadership Formation

Phone: 206-296-5374

Building/Room: PIGT 327

Photo of Kathleen McGill, MBA

Kathleen McGill, MBA

MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
BS, Santa Clara University

Manager, Executive Programs Outreach

Phone: (206) 296-2529

Building/Room: Pigott 321

Photo of Lorri J. Sheffer

Lorri J. Sheffer

BA, Communications, University of Washington

Programs Manager

Phone: 206-296-2575

Building/Room: Pigott 327

Academic Departments


Photo of Jani M. Medeiros

Jani M. Medeiros

BA, English, Holy Names College

Administrative Assistant, Accounting Department

Phone: 206-296-5723

Building/Room: Pigott 515A

Photo of Peggy Allende

Peggy Allende

Senior Administrative Assistant, Economics and Finance Departments

Phone: 206-296-2540

Building/Room: Pigott 531A

Photo of Paige Khoury

Paige Khoury

BA, Dance & Psychology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Senior Administrative Assistant, Management and Marketing Departments

Phone: 206-296-5302

Building/Room: Pigott 415A

Albers Placement Center


Photo of Mary Lou Moffat

Mary Lou Moffat

BA, Accounting, Gonzaga University

Director, Albers Placement Center

Phone: 206-296-2547

Building/Room: Pigott 334

Photo of Megan Spaulding, MA

Megan Spaulding, MA

MA, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis , University of Missouri-Columbia
BA, Communications, Pepperdine University

Manager, Albers Experiential Programs

Phone: 206-296-2472

Building/Room: Pigott 333

Photo of Melissa Minato

Melissa Minato

BS, Marketing, Santa Clara University

Student Career Advisor/Recruitment Coordinator, Albers Placement Center

Phone: 206-296-2029

Building/Room: Pigott 332

Photo of Justin Dolce

Justin Dolce

BA, Political Science, Washington State University

Graduate Student Career Advisor

Phone: 206-296-2184

Building/Room: Pigott 335

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center


Photo of Sue Oliver, MBA

Sue Oliver, MBA

MBA, Finance, George Mason University
BA, University of Virginia

Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Adjunct, Management

Phone: 206-220-8534

Building/Room: Pigott 432A

Photo of Amelia Marckworth, MA

Amelia Marckworth, MA

MA, Nonprofit Leadership, Seattle University
BA, Law, Societies & Justice, University of Washington

Senior Administrative Program Manager, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

Phone: 206-296-5715

Building/Room: PIGT 432D