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Albers School of Business and Economics

Professional Writing

Meets the Business Communications preparatory requirement for Albers graduate students (formerly called Business Communications)

If you want to write clearly and accurately, you have to be familiar with the rules of English - and the English you use at work is different from the English you use at home or at university. Whether you've been speaking English all your life or you're at an advanced stage of learning it, this class is where you'll sharpen your skills.

Who should take this class?

This course is recommended for all who wish to sharpen their business writing skills. It's required for Albers graduate students who scored below 25% in the Verbal and/or Writing section of the GMAT and have not completed equivalent coursework with a grade of B (3.00) or better. For those required to take the course, it must be successfully completed in the first quarter of attendance.

Class Information

Upon successful completion of this class, you will be familiar with business language and able to use business style guides with confidence. Along the way, you will learn answers to many of those English grammar questions that may have caused you to stumble in a professional context- questions like:

  • Did I speak good or did I speak well?
  • Should that be kept between her and I or should it be kept between her and me?
  • Do I count commas separating a series of items as one, two and three or one, two, and three?
  • Do I have fourteen or 14 tasks to do today?

This non-credit/non-matriculated class is open to both prospective and current Seattle University students. After an initial orientation meeting, you'll work towards your learning objectives online. Your instructor will be available by appointment and by e-mail to help you achieve your objectives and to answer your questions about the material over the course of the quarter.

Class Information


Registration Form

Fall Quarter 2017

Dates:Sept 20 thru Dec 7
Meeting: First meeting to be set up with the instructor
Location: Seattle campus/ mostly online after first meeting with instructor
Instructor: Bryan Ruppert
Fee: $675

For more information, please contact Nadeje Alexandre at (206) 296-5794 or