Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA)

The Albers School of Business and Economics offers a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. After completing core foundation courses which provide a comprehensive overview of the business field, students then focus by choosing one of nine majors:

General Program Requirements

A minimum of 180 credits is required for a bachelor degree in business or economics, including 80 hours of non-business courses. The pass/fail option may not be applied to courses in the business foundation, university core, or business major. Internship and independent study must be graded CR/F and may not be used to satisfy a required course or major elective.

Students transferring courses from another institution and pursuing a degree in business administration (BABA) must earn at least 50 credits (55 hours for accounting majors) of business courses at Seattle University. Forty of these credits (45 of these credits for accounting majors) must be taken at the upper-division (300-400) level. Twenty credits in the student’s concentration must be taken at Seattle University. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics (BAE) must normally earn 30 credits of upper-division economics at Seattle University.

A maximum of 15 credits taken by an undergraduate non-matriculated student may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree in the Albers School of Business and Economics.

Excel Certification

Earning a Microsoft Specialist Certification can help differentiate you in today's competitive job market and broaden your employment opportunities. All Albers undergraduate students are required to complete EXCEL Certification in order to progress in your BABA or BAE program.

 Please visit Albers Excel Certification for more information about the registration process, available study materials and practice exams.

 For more information about the Exam requirements, visit Microsoft's Exam Details page.

Double Major

Students pursuing a BABA degree may only earn a double major in two areas of business by completing a minimum of 190 credits and the degree requirements for both majors. Students must complete at least 25 credits in each major. Courses may not satisfy requirements for both concentration areas. If the same course is required in both majors, students must substitute another elective course from one of the major areas. Individualized major may not be one of the areas for a double major.