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Campus Ministry

Ecumenical and Multifaith

It may sound strange...but it is precisely because of Seattle University’s Catholic and Jesuit nature that we are an ecumenical and interfaith university!

What does "Ecumenical" mean?

The word “ecumenical” is derived from the Greek word oikoumene, meaning “the whole inhabited world.” In our time, the word ecumenical refers to the movement to unite the Christian churches. 

At Seattle University, Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox Christians and many other Christian traditions are represented.

What does the Multi-Faith community look like at Seattle University?

Multi-Faith refers to our commitment to serve students from non-Christian traditions such as Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and many more - as well as our work in serving students who consider themselves Spiritual But Not Religious or who are simply exploring their spirituality for the first time.

Seattle University is also proud to have students of a variety of faith backgrounds and philosophical convictions and we really do have something for everyone - all are welcome!

Campus Ministry has great connections to the surrounding community and can link students of various traditions to local churches and places of worship. The Ecumenical and Multi-Faith Campus Minister is happy to serve our students' spiritual needs by developing ecumenical and interfaith opportunities for those who are interested.

At Seattle University, we pride ourselves in the ways we welcome and honor people of all faith traditions, as well as people who do not come from any particular faith background at all.

For more information, please contact Victoria Carr-Ware, Ecumenical and Multifaith Campus Minister, at (206) 296-6049.