Campus Ministry’s Service Immersion Programs invite students to immerse themselves in the values of justice, solidarity, simplicity, community, and spirituality over an extending period of time. Students engage in a year-long cohort program learning about the complex historical, social, economic, and political realities of the communities they visit.  

Over the years students have traveled to West Virginia, Belize, Ecuador, and Mexico (among other places) to learn from and serve with marginalized and vulnerable communities with whom we have long standing relationships. 

Each program draws on the wisdom of Catholic Social Teaching and the richness of Ignatian spirituality. Students gain tools skills for critical reflection and for integrating these experiences into their vocational discernment.  All students are welcome and encouraged to apply.  

Current Immersion Opportunities

Mexico Immersion, Winter Break 2017

Learn about the complex issues surrounding immigration and border relations between the United States and Mexico by meeting and working with community members in Tijuana

Appalachia Immersion, Spring Break 2018

Explore the history and lives of people in rural West Virginia through the lenses of environmental justice and the Catholic Worker Movement.

Nicaragua-Exchange-Immersion, Spring Break 2018

Participate in an immersion in Washington State alongside visiting students from the UCA in Nicaragua. 

Interfaith Immersion in British Columbia, May 2018

Visit multiple worshipping communities, explore a variety of religious expressions, and see first-hand how diverse communities living in one small area learn to work together for the common good.

For more information please contact Marilyn Nash, Campus Minister for Social Justice, or 206.296.2267

Past Service Immersion Opportunities

Mexico Winter Break 2016
Appalachia Spring Break 2017
Nicaragua Spring Break 2017
Interfaith Immersion in British Columbia May 26-29 2017