You've gained a variety of skills that will enhance your resume and can also help you discern what careers or positions may be a good match for you. As a veteran you may face challenges in your job search, such as articulating the skills you gained in military service into "civilian" language, or adjusting to a new work environment. Career Services can assist you in articulating your skill areas, customizing your job search materials, and exploring careers and employers that may be a good match.

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As an SU student or alum, you can:

  • Attend career fairs and employer events on campus to network directly with potential employers
  • Utilize career advising to discuss career options, job search preparation, and self discernment
  • Join the SU Veteran's group to stay connected to local and regional opportunities

Additionally, there are many web resources that provide helpful tips when approaching the job search as a veteran.

Resume Examples

 Military Resume Writers

Military resume writers provides examples for veterans who are looking to transition into the civilian workforce. The attached link provides a specific example for a colonel looking to transition from the Air Force.

Real Warriors

Real Warriors provides specialized tips for translating military experience to civilian employment. These tips can be specialized to fit each branch of the military.

Common Resume Mistakes for members of the Military

This list provides examples of common mistakes members of the Military make when attempting to transition to the civilian work force.

Job Search Tips

Military to Civilian Occupation Translator

Helps service members match military skills and experience to civilian occupations.

"From the Armed Forces to the Work Force" article by Eilene Zimmerman

Addresses common questions about how to enter the civilian workforce after completing military service. 

Veteran Preference

Your veteran service may qualify you for competitive and non-competitive Federal government appointments.

Employment Links  

 A full-service military-to-civilian recruiting firm. Veteran Owned and operated with over 140,000 Jobs in their exclusive database of openings.

Transition Assistance Online

 A comprehensive career website for job searching, career tools, finding military friendly companies, job fairs, and transitions guidance for Veterans.

Federal Jobs for Military Veterans  

 Federal employment information for Veterans, transitioning service members, their families, Federal HR professionals and hiring managers.

Regional/Additional Resources

Washington State office of Veterans Affairs website provide resources to veterans who need benefit assistance, job placement help, and general requirements for transition into civilian life.

Government website that can assist members of the military to find positions within the government.

American Corporate Partners

Connects veterans to business leaders through an online network and national mentor program.


Transition information and resources for veterans.


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