Undergraduate Tuition, Fees and Charges


For Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Winter 2019 and Spring 2019

Tuition Per CreditPer QuarterAcademic Year
Full-Time (12 to 20 credits)                                         $14,595 $43,785
Part-time (1 to 11 credits) $973    
Summer 2018 $730    
Auditors $235    


Undergraduate Application Fee $55
Post-Baccalaureate & Non-Matriculated Application Fee $55
Mandatory Enrollment   
Recreation Fee, Undergraduate Enrollment of 12 Credits or More (per quarter) $100
Recreation Fee, Undergraduate Enrollment of Less Than 12 Credits (per quarter) $65
Technology Fee, Undergraduate Enrollment of 12 Credits or More (per quarter) $175
Technology Fee, Undergraduate Enrollment of Less Than 12 Credits (per quarter) $115
Matriculation Fee (one-time only, non-refundable) $150
Undergraduate Health Insurance 2018-2019 $1,995.74
New Student Orientation Fee $260
Transfer Student Orientation Fee $175
Family Member Fee (per member in attendance) $70
Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (non-refundable)** $200
Residence Hall Deposit*** $300
Education Abroad  
Submissions After Education Abroad Deadline $125
Submissions After Education Abroad Program Begins $250
Transfer Articulation Fee $1000 
Official Transcripts  
Paper Transcript ($2.25 National Student Clearinghouse fee also charged) $5
E-Delivery Transcript ($2.75 National Student Clearinghouse fee also charged) $5
Transcript Rush Processing (per transcript) $25
Diploma Replacement $25
Identification Card (Campus Card) Replacement  $15
Late Registration Fee (per course for registration after the add/drop period) $50
Validation of Field Experience (per credit hour) $90
Credit by Examination (per credit hour) $95

* This fee is billed to undergraduate students during their first full-time quarter of attendance each academic year.  It may be waived, if the student has comparable coverage in Washington State, by going to SU Online and, in the Student Life category, clicking on “Student Insurance Waiver” and following the instructions on the resulting screen.

** The Enrollment Confirmation Deposit is a confirmation of intended enrollment and is non-refundable. It will be applied to the tuition charges for your first quarter of attendance.

*** The Residence Hall Deposit is a confirmation of intention to live in the Seattle University Residence Halls.  It will be applied to the housing charges for the student's first quarter of attendance.

Program Specific Fees

Nursing BSN (per quarter): Applies beginning the spring quarter of the student's sophomore year: $463

Course Specific Fees

Some courses have additional associated fees. These are listed in the course section details on SUOnline when conducting a search for classes.

Seattle University tuition and fees are set yearly and subject to change each summer quarter for the coming year. Seattle University reserves the right to revise its charges at any time without prior notice.