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Seattle University’s Doctorate in Educational Leadership prepares you with the skills you need to further your leadership career. Here you will embark on a reflective study of your own identity as a leader and your sense of self as it integrates with leadership practice in organizations with global perspectives. You will emerge from the EDLR program prepared to lead with a passionate commitment toward transformative social change and personal connections that will serve you throughout your career.

Established in 1976, our program has a distinguished reputation for producing leaders who are making a difference in our world, including chancellors and college presidents, award-winning superintendents and principals and leaders in business, non-profit organizations, healthcare and the government. It is that venerable history and our cohort model matched with specialized concentrations that fosters a strong and invaluable network of skilled leaders from diverse fields of practice and expertise.

Where We Believe in the Power of Community to Develop Solutions

A unique feature of our EDLR program is the Thematic Dissertation in Leadership Practice (TDiLP), which leverages cohort teams, working under faculty supervision, to engage in action-based research with a community partner. Together, you and your cohort members will conduct group thematic dissertations that require real-world application of leadership skills while being client-oriented. All dissertations are collaboratively conducted, written and defended. This process has been integral to our graduates being acknowledged as high-level practitioners in their respective fields while contributing meaningful solutions and bases of knowledge to some of society’s greatest challenges.

The Educational Leadership program seeks students who are ready to make an impact and dedicated to change. Listen to our students and faculty discuss how you can take the next step in your leadership role by developing your identity as a leader.

Colette Taylor, EdD


Social justice is interwoven in every aspect of our doctoral program, from admissions to course work to the dissertation process. In the first year, we talk about leadership through the lens of self. What biases are you bringing from your own life to your leadership experience? In the second year, we examine organizational structures and how they work. How do we practice social justice within these structures? By the third year, we’re looking at the global society. How do we now become leaders of social justice for the world?


Program Features

David M. Johnson, EdD


Without SU, “I would not have become the leader I am today. What I learned is that when we dream big, and when we decide that the pathway to get there is through the strengths we do have – that is when big things happen.”


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Genet Yadetta

Senior Program Administrative Assistant
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Tyson Marsh, PhD
Tyson Marsh, PhD

Associate Professor, Educational Administration (EDAD)

Phone: (206) 296-5798

Stacey E. Robbins, EdD
Stacey E. Robbins, EdD

Assistant Professor, Adult Education and Training (AEDT)

Phone: (206) 220-8257

Brad J. Porfilio, PhD

Professor, Educational Leadership (EDLR)
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Colette Taylor, EdD
Colette Taylor, EdD

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership (EDLR)
Phone: (206) 296-6061

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