Parents and Families

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Parental support is vital to enhancing Seattle University’s campus experience and unique educational opportunities. As your child pursues dreams and personal goals at SU, you can make a gift that will positively impact the time your child spends here.

Few people realize that nearly 20% of the SU experience is paid for with philanthropic dollars, not tuition. Your support is vital to the experience all students, including your child, have at SU.

Your gifts benefit:

  • Student support and advising services 
  • Dynamic academic programs 
  • Vital scholarships 
  • Low student to faculty ratios 
  • Technology advancements 
  • Campus enhancements and sustainability

To make a gift to SU, please visit our secure online giving form, or choose one of the many other giving options offered by the Seattle University.

If you would like to speak with a member of the university staff regarding making a gift, please contact the Annual Giving Office at (206) 296-6301 or

When we look at giving to charity, a practice we strongly believe in, it's usually child-centered. We are especially concerned about helping children who can't afford to go to college without some help. Seattle University reaches out to those students. I love the fact that Seattle U has such a diverse student body.

Chris DiCerchio Parent of alumnus