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Graduate Admissions

Finding a grad school starts with looking within

You've probably already thought about what direction you want to take, and now you're looking for the right school. One with a strong academic program. Great connections. A school that is about more than just a degree.

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Courses of Action

At Seattle University, classes aren’t limited by your program of choice. Students are encouraged to branch out and explore their interests. Whether it’s following your passions or taking a course that gives you a competitive edge in the workforce, our programs are individually tailored for you to explore and expand your lifelong learning.

Know More. Do More. Be More.


We understand the challenge of advancing your education while juggling the many demands on your time. At Seattle University, our graduate programs accommodate the often full schedules of working professionals, with options for evening and weekend classes. Plus, our advisers are available to provide guidance and support along the way.

Academic Themes


When looking at graduate programs that can provide the tools to achieve your professional goals, the choices can be overwhelming. We are here to help you navigate the journey in reaching the decision that’s right for you.

When we hit walls


tear them down

Here we dare to explore new ground and change minds, to open windows of opportunity where walls once stood, and to shape those who will shape our world.

Accepted Students

We are pleased to welcome all incoming graduate students to Seattle University.

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