Meal Plans

Seattle University believes living and interacting with others outside of the classroom enhances the education of the whole person. On-campus dining offers a great opportunity to serve this purpose. On-campus dining fosters a more vibrant, tight-knit community. It provides opportunities for students to develop close and supportive relationships, meet new people, and interact with faculty and staff in a non-classroom setting. In addition, on-campus dining promotes healthy and informed dietary habits. 

Meal Plan Policy

Seattle University’s meal plans provide quality, variety, flexibility and value. Items are priced à la carte so students can choose exactly what they want. A meal plan is required for all first and second year residents living in on-campus or affiliate housing. There are 3 different meal plans for first and second year students are Maximum, Expanded, and Residential. The meal plan you select for Fall quarter will be automatically renewed each quarter unless it is changed within the first 10 class days of each quarter through the MyHousing Portal.

Meal Plan Fund Rollover Policy

Ideally, the meal plan you chose will be depleted by the end of the quarter. If you have money left on your meal plan at the end of the quarter, a limited amount can go into your Rollover MP account from quarter to quarter during the academic year, to be used with your meal plan for subsequent quarters.

  • A maximum of $250 will roll over to the next quarter.
  • A maximum amount of $250 can be in the Rollover MP account at one time.
  • A meal plan must be purchased for the following quarter and balance depleted before funds from the Rollover MP account is used.
  • At the end of Spring Quarter, all leftover meal plan and roll over money will be forfeited to the University.

About Campus Card

The SU Campus Card has many uses, from access to Residence Halls to grocery shopping on campus. If you are new to using the SU Campus Card, we recommend you take a look at how Campus Card works. If you find your card has excess money towards the end of a quarter, explore spending options from Campus Card. If you find you are running low on funds you may add money to your card through our eAccounts Portal (login credentials are identical one's SeattleU email credentials). 

There are four different money plans on each card: 

  • Dining Dollars - the set meal plan that you have paid for through Housing and Residence Life.
  • Meal Plan Deposit - for users to add additional funds they might need to purchase food and drinks at Bon Appetit Locations on campus.
  • Rollover MP - for Dining Dollar rollover funds from previous quarters.
  • One Card - miscellaneous account associated with Campus Card.

For more information see ITS Campus Card help: 

Meal Options

The university offers a wide variety of dining venues, menus, hours of operation, and meal plans. Further, Bon Appétit offers nutritional information and guidance, vegan and vegetarian selections, local and organic options, as well as, special assistance with medically prescribed diets.

Meal Plan Changes

Meal plan changes may be made during the first ten business days of every quarter with the online Meal Plan Change Request form through the Housing Portal. Meal Plan Changes are any change of a meal plan within the policy outlined above (see below for meal plan changes outside of the policy).

Exemptions to the Meal Plan Policy

Meal Plan Exemptions are any changes to a meal plan outside of the policy outlined above. The university recognizes four circumstances when exemptions may be possible:

  1. A severe financial burden which, without some relief, may result in the student having to withdraw from SU;
  2. Medically diagnosed condition with prescribed dietary restrictions which the meal plan options are unable to reasonably accommodate;
  3. Religion-based dietary restrictions which the meal plan options are unable to reasonably accommodate;
  4. Exceptional circumstances that would hinder the student's ability to complete the meal plan requirement as stated in the policy above.

Meal plan changes and exemptions available through the Housing Portal, be sure to include a complete description of your reasoning.

Additional money can be added to your account at any time by you or others to whom you have given your SU ID. For more information see SU Campus Card.