2017-2018 Meal Plans

A note from our food service provider, Bon Appétit:

We strive to keep dining costs as low as possible. Seattle’s $15/hour minimum wage has resulted in higher costs which are partially covered by increases in meal plan and à la carte pricing.

More information may be found at http://su.cafebonappetit.com/ (click on the meal plans tab).

Prices listed are per quarter unless otherwise noted. $250 maximum will rollover between quarters. There is no rollover from Spring to Fall quarter. 

First and Second Year Students

The following 3 meal plans are the options for first and second year students living on campus.


$2,400 ($31.17/day) For extra hearty eaters.


$2,000 ($25.97/day) For hearty eaters eating mostly on campus.


$1,600 ($20.78/day) Required minimum meal plan for all first and second year students, regardless of building/room assignment.

Additional Meal Plan Options

The following 2 meal plans are the additional options for faculty, staff, and students who are not required to purchase a meal plan.


$1,200 ($15.58/day) A reduced meal plan available upon request for residential students with specific medical or financial circumstances. Documentation is required for medical needs (contact Disability Services prior to requesting this plan). Extreme financial needs will be considered on a case by case basis. Students, faculty, and staff who are not required to purchase a meal plan are also eligible. 


$400 ($5.19/day) A minimal plan only for commuter students, faculty, staff, or those who are otherwise not required to purchase a meal plan.