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Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture

Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture

2017-2018 Catholic Heritage Lectures

That We May Be One: Racial Justice and the Catholic Church

American Catholicism, Xenophobia and Immigration

February 22, 2018 | 7:00 pm | Pigott Auditorium
Panelists: Arturo Chavez, Ph.D., Laurie Cassidy, Ph.D., and Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos, Ph.D.

Following the fall lecture exploring the racial divide within the Catholic Church, the winter quarter lecture brings together three diverse panelists who will examine “American Catholicism, Xenophobia and Immigration.” The topic of the panel opens up conversation about the xenophobia and the history of Catholic immigration to the United States. The panelists will explore both the complicity of the Catholic Church as institution and community in xenophobia as well as its rich theological and spiritual teachings to welcome the stranger.

Current Conversations

Share the Journey

Pope Francis has called on us to join him in the “Share the Journey” initiative to highlight the plight of migrants and refugees around the world who have been driven from their homes. He asks us to love our neighbor and travel with them as they seek the lives of dignity and fulfillment that God intends for us all. Visit to find a diverse collection of resources that will help you and others gain insight into the migration experience. These resources include suggestions on how to engage your community on these topics during Mass, school, and community gatherings.

"Poverty has a face, and it also has a voice."

But that voice often does not penetrate the wall of fear, misconception and prejudice that can separate people who are poor from those of us who have what we need. The voice of poverty can be drowned out or ignored in the halls of government, where other legitimate demands for resources also resound.

In our listening sessions, we heard “the cry of poor” (Psalm 34). We are writing this pastoral letter to all people of good faith and to political leaders because we heard in the voices of people who are poor both a plea for mercy and a desire to participate fully in the life of their communities."

--from "Who Is My Neighbor: The Face of Poverty in Washington State"

A Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops of the State of Washington.

 Seattle University Joins Statement of AJCU Presidents on Undocumented Students

As Presidents of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities we feel spiritually and morally compelled to raise a collective voice confirming our values and commitments as Americans and educators. We represent colleges and universities from across our nation with more than 215,000 students and 21,000 faculty, and over 2 million living alumni.

Grounded in our Catholic and Jesuit mission, we are guided by our commitment to uphold the dignity of every person, to work for the common good of our nation, and to promote a living faith that works for justice. We see our work of teaching, scholarship and the formation of minds and spirits as a sacred trust.

Read the full statement.

"I want to help connect and heal people."

Read more about what the ICTC has meant to Victoria, Nursing, class of 2017.

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