About Us

As a Catholic Jesuit institution Seattle University is born of a tradition that is 2,000 years old and counting. This tradition-the Catholic Intellectual Tradition-offers an implicit invitation to both explore and further enrich its treasury of wisdom.

Seattle University is accepting that invitation. By establishing the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture (ICTC), the university is committing itself as never before to study and build upon the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. With the Institute as its academic nucleus, the university will examine its Catholic heritage with heightened intentionality and vigor.

Seattle University brings a perspective to this unfolding dialogue on Catholic thought and culture, one which few,if any, universities claim. As one of the most diverse universities in the Northwest, we are blessed with a multiplicity of viewpoints that ensure a textured analysis. Our location, in what many consider the most un-churched region of the country, challenges us to bring heightened rigor to how we study and enrich the Catholic tradition. Our grounding in the humanities allows faith and reason to enter into conversation as mutually illuminating partners.


Our Vision

Seattle University’s Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture invites the Seattle University community to retrieve, reclaim and revive a tradition of exploration, examination and engagement with the intersection of religion and culture, of faith and reason and of church and world by creating a culture of rigorous study of and dialogue with the Catholic intellectual and wisdom tradition. We strive to be a place of multifaith, diverse conversations, a place where people come together to engage in necessary conversations about the meaning of the Gospel in our time.

Through course development fellowships, team-taught, quarterly seminars rooted in discussions of the annual Catholic Heritage Lectures series and co-sponsored campus programming and retreats we hope to:

Ignite students’ curiosity to explore the Catholic intellectual tradition in dialogue with the issues of our day

Encourage faculty to expand the horizon of Catholic thought through rigorous scholarship.

Engage in a vibrant community-wide discourse on Catholicism in all its richness and complexity.

Reinforce the university’s commitment to understanding and supporting Catholicism as a global and diverse tradition principally concerned with lifting up the most marginalized of our society.




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