Course Development Stipends

Catholic Thought and Culture Course Development Summer Stipends encourage faculty to create course offerings that provide students the opportunities to engage with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in its multidisciplinary manifestations. Courses are developed for multiple departments including arts, sciences, humanities, business, education and nursing. These grants are intended to lead to courses that will enrich the university’s Catholic Studies Program. 

“If the search for “the historical Jesus” is futile, at least we can place him in a wider historical context. But that requires knowledge of Jewish, Hellenistics, Roman and early Christian history. To weave all together in to a tapestry attractice and compelling to students requires interdisciplinary work—and time for reflection—that few of us can afford. The grant thus enables important work that could otherwise go undone for lack of support.”

–David Madsen, PhD, Associate Professor, History, 2013 ICTC Course Development Summer Stipend Recipient

Course Development Stipend 2017

Faculty Course Development Cover Sheet


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