Arrupe Seminar

The Arrupe Seminar on the Foundations and Vision of Jesuit Education is a great opportunity, within a lively, interesting discussion with your peers, to deepen your understanding of the Jesuit foundations of Seattle University.

The 2018-19 schedule and syllabus can be viewed here: 
Arrupe Syllabus 2018-19 and 2018-2019 Arrupe Seminar Schedule

The Seminar is designed to promote: 

Understanding of the Jesuit educational tradition and of Jesuits

  • Assimilation of the knowledge and values of the tradition
  • Application of what one learns and assimilates to the carrying out of one’s role at the University
  • Commitment to carrying on the tradition. It offers an experience that is both scholarly and personal, requiring a significant amount of reading, discussion, and personal reflection, and including presentations by people knowledgeable in the Jesuit tradition.  

Seminar basics

  • A team made up of one Jesuit and one lay colleague leads each section, presents material, and facilitates discussions. 
  • Visiting experts present some sessions.
  • The Seminar is open to faculty, staff, and administrators who have completed at least one year at the University.
  • It meets approximately every two weeks for two hours throughout the academic year, beginning in October and ending in early May.
  • Two sections at different times are offered to accommodate different schedules.   

Seminar statistics

  • Since 2004 about 275 SU faculty and staff will have completed the Seminar.
  • About 30 faculty and staff are currently enrolled. 

Seminar Leaders (past and present):

  • David Leigh, S.J., English
  • Teresa Ling, Albers School
  • Thomas Murphy, S.J., History
  • Catherine Punsalan, Theology
  • Peter Ely, S.J., Theology
  • Mary Bowman, Law
  • Patrick O'Leary, S.J., Faculty/Staff Chaplain 
  • Jodi Kelly, Matteo Ricci College
  • Terri Clark, Nursing

…this seminar has encouraged me to explore research topics related to Jesuit education. I am attending the Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education conference this summer to interact with other Jesuit educators who share similar interests. I am developing a research project to test the impact of Jesuit education on ethics in business. The Arrupe Seminar has changed my view of students; I am committed to forming a relationship with any students who are open to dialogue. I believe a personal relationship between faculty and students helps complete the educational process. I also hope to pass on the concepts of Ignatian spirituality to my students. The beauty of Ignatian spirituality is the inclusiveness and non-judgmental aspects of the philosophy.

Sarah Bee

I have learned to appreciate the methods by which the Society works. It seems that things don’t happen by chance but rather through a process of discernment, but always looking back to the grand design of Ignatius. I have come to really appreciate the early Jesuits, such as Ricci and di Nobili. They were very courageous and had an amazing ability to work within a culture while acknowledging

Marilyn Price College of Nursing

Even after receiving a degree in Biblical Studies at Catholic University of America and being taught by Jesuits there, I still did not have the language to capture my experience at Bellarmine with a spiritual language. Now, after experiencing the Arrupe Seminar, I feel like I have a language to capture my experience and relate it to my area of research, the New Testament.

Matthew Whitlock Theology & Religious Studies