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Lemieux Library

Staff Directory

The list of subject Librarians by departments and programs is available here.

Lemieux Library

and McGoldrick Learning Commons
Questions and Information
Phone: 206.296.6210

Hartley, Jan

MILS, Associate Librarian
Interim University Librarian, Director of Resource Acquisitions and Management
Phone: 206.296.6206

Chamberlain, Melissa

Administrative Coordinator
Library Administration
Phone: 206.296.6222

Block, Rick

MALS, MA, Librarian
Metadata Librarian
Phone: 206.296.6208

Butts, Karen

Library Technician 3
Phone: 206.296.6205

Castillo, Felipe

MSLIS, MBA, Assistant Librarian
Research Services Librarian
Phone: (206) 296-2341

Curran, Reilly

MLIS, Assistant Librarian
Research Services Librarian, Lead Librarian for User Outreach
Phone: (206) 296-6225

Deeken, Lynn

MLIS, Associate Librarian
Director of Public Services, Coordinator of the Learning Commons Partnership
Phone: 206.296.6274

Dufresne, Rita

Library Technician 3
Metadata & Collections
Phone: 206.296.6212

Eriksen, Doug

MLIS, MEd, Assistant Librarian
Director of Library Systems & Technology
Phone: 206.296.6207

Frakes, Colleen

Library Technician 2
Patron Accounts
Phone: 206.296.6231

Fullwiler, Stacey

Manager of Circulation
Phone: 206.296.6234

Granatino, Chris

MLS, Assistant Librarian
Coordinator of Research and Information Services
Phone: 206.296.6226

Hammer, Brittany

Library Technician 3
Media Production Center
Phone: 206.296.6447

Joy, Ryan

Library Technician 2
Resource Sharing and Document Delivery
Phone: 206.398.4481

Morgan, Aaron

Library Technician 2
Phone: 206.296.6235

Nilsen, Christina

MA, MLIS, Assistant Librarian
Research Services Librarian, Lead Librarian for Assessment
Phone: 206.296.6227

Peterson, Jamie

Media Production Center
Phone: 206.296.6449

Plovnick, Caitlin

Assistant Librarian
Coordinator of Teaching and Learning
Phone: 206.296.6223

Sandschulte, Lynda

Evening and Weekend Supervisor
Information Services
Phone: 206.398.4446

Sea, Nel

Library Technician 3
Systems Department
Phone: 206.296.6240

Sepulveda, Mary Linden

MLS, Associate Librarian
Coordinator of Collection Development
Phone: 206.296.6209

Stone, Trish

Library Technician 2
Stacks Maintenance
Phone: 206.296.6232

Sturgeon, Holly

Resource Sharing and Document Delivery
Phone: 206.398.4480

Vargas, Andrea

Senior Administrative Assistant
Learning Commons Partnership
Phone: 206.398.4442