Giving Back

Help Us Make the Difference

Join fellow alumni and friends of the College to support our efforts to graduate students who are people for others. The powerful mix of excellence in the classroom coupled with experience through internships, service and ethics cannot be funded by tuition alone. Your gift makes the difference.

Each year our faculty gives 100% to the University's annual appeal and every day they give 110% to educate students in the Jesuit tradition of excellence and efficacy. From Dr. Serena Cosgrove and Dr. Ben Curtis taking students to study micro finance in Ghana, to Prof. Beth Layton sending 25 future teachers out into the local schools every year to tutor underserved students, to Dr. Ed Reed sending over 100 students out to the streets to understand first-hand the experience of poverty, or to the faculty's efforts to launch the Poverty Education Center, Matteo Ricci College faculty strive to do more for our students every day.

Whether your gift helps fund scholarships for Matteo Ricci College students to work overseas in the Leadership degree, assists future teachers' work in underserved areas, or allows a financially strapped family to breathe a little easier through the newly established John Foster, SJ Scholarship, every dollar is an investment in a better future.

How to Give Back


Using our Online Contribution Form you can designate your gift to any fund in the Matteo Ricci College, including the Poverty Education Center, which assists students with international internships; the John Foster, SJ, Scholarship, which helps continuing students who demonstrate extreme need; or you can make a gift to wherever the need is greatest through the Dean's Fund.

Time and Talent

Alumni are always needed. You are out there in the "real" world and have insights that are valuable for our undergrads. We also need help with marketing, website, and employment networking.

Stay Connected

We'd like to do more for you, too. Contact us at (206) 296-5405 to learn about opportunities to participate in alumni activities, networking, service opportunities, or to come see the new library, fitness center, pedestrian mall and other changes that have transformed the campus.