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cohort for each of our degrees

One of the best parts of Matteo Ricci College is the community. You will get to know your peers as you travel the pathway of your degree together over your years here. 

Degrees possible in the Humanities program

Contact our office to find out if your high school credits qualify you to earn two degrees in four years or graduate in 3 years.


Study Humanities, Humanities for Leadership, or Humanities for Teaching. All programs incorporate the Humanities core classes.


Matteo Ricci College offers students three unique degrees, which provide boundless opportunities for students seeking to discover the world and themselves. The cohort program will benefit you as a student by creating connections to both peers and professors. The three degrees offered are: 

This community wants to help you grow and develop your academic and professional pursuits. Through the Humanities, students are able to reach out into other professional fields with a better understanding of the world. 




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