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School of New and Continuing Studies

Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership B.A. is an interdisciplinary degree program designed for part-time adult students who wish to gain the leadership skills necessary to become effective, ethical, and socially responsible leaders in a wide range of organizations--business, government, health care administration, nonprofit agencies, and the service industry. Students will study such topics as leadership theory and practice, organizational structure and behavior, organizational finance, ethics, managing diversity and change, and organizational communication.

The Organizational Leadership program offers a course of study that integrates skills in leadership and organizational operations and links leadership theory to everyday practice. Students thus develop not only the practical skills and knowledge that leaders need to solve problems, think critically, communicate effectively, and manage resources, but also to learn to provide creative vision, facilitate collaboration, value diversity and balance multiple perspectives, and make ethically informed decisions.

As with all programs in the the School of New and Continuing Studies, the Organizational Leadership B.A. is designed especially for working adult students. Not only is the program offered in a flexible hybrid format combining the convenience of online delivery with the networking and community-building of face-to-face meetings, the program is pedagogically innovative, student-centered, and consistent with the high standards of Jesuit education. 

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Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of major organizational and general management concepts and practices (such as change management, human resource management, organizational communication, and legal issues in organizations) and apply them in organizational settings. 
  • Demonstrate financial literacy and apply a comprehensive set of practical financial concepts and tools in organizational settings. 
  • Articulate a personal leadership philosophy based on authenticity as well as leadership and organizational scholarship and apply it to individual, group, organizational, and societal contexts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of diversity (national, ethnic, cultural, gender, etc.) and the issues, opportunities, and challenges related to managing a diverse workforce.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how leadership and organizational management concepts and their application relate to service to others, social responsibility, ethical practice, and commitment to justice. 
  • Demonstrate exemplary written and oral communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills. 

Students in the program will demonstrate mastery of these outcomes through project-based assignments they will assemble in an e-portfolio. The e-portfolio not only allows students to showcase their skills for potential employers, but also gives students the opportunity to revisit and revise their work, reflect upon their entire course of study, and articulate their own personal leadership philosophy.



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