New Student Registration

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  • Information about spring quarter registration will be available in February.
  • Information about fall quarter registration will be available in April.

In the mean time if you have questions about the application process, please visit the link below.

Undergraduate Admissions

Am I a Freshman or a Transfer?

How you make your way through the orientation process at SU differs on whether you are a transfer student or freshmen. Confused about which one you might be? Here are some quick definitions.

Freshman (First Time In College)

Freshmen (FTIC) are students who have completed no college credits after high school graduation-regardless of the number of credits they may have earned while in high school. Freshmen (FTIC) will be registered for their first quarter by New Student Registration.


Transfer students haved earned college credit since high school graduation. This does include Freshmen transfers - students who have earned 45 or fewer credits since graduting high school.