Group Fitness Instructors

Photo of Lucy


Earning a BA in Business Law (2018)
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Ex Instructor

Exercise is the foundation for a happy, healthy life. Lucy's goal as a group fitness instructor is to facilitate community building and personal development. Teaching Cardio Kickboxing is her passion, but you can also find her in Redhawk Fit and Cardio Dance classes most days of the week. She loves how group fitness allows her to work toward personal goals while making friends and building community. She shares this love by encouraging people to try new classes and working to make fitness accessible to everyone. If you see her in a group fitness class, feel free to say hello! Outside of UREC Lucy's favorite things are Frisbee and Economics.

Photo of Tate


Pre-major, Class of 2019
Cardio Dance Instructor
CPR/AED and First Aid certified

The human body is an incredible thing, and keeping it healthy is a passion of Tate's. Tate's been dancing since he was three years old, and if he has learned one thing it would be that balance is a necessity. Diversity and balance are the keys to a healthy mind, body, and soul; and Group fitness is an awesome way to incorporate them into exercise. Tate feels very lucky to be able to share his passion with others, and he hopes that his class will provide individuals with the perspective that exercise can be a source of joy and motivation.

Photo of Maya


BS Cellular and Molecular Biology, anticipated 2020
American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor, 2017
Peak Pilates Basic Mat, 2017

Maya's motto for every workout is “I don’t sweat, I sparkle!” Exercising makes her happy, so she's often at UREC either running, cycling, or stretching. As a Group Gitness Instructor her hope is that everyone will leave class with not only a sense of community, but also a sense of accomplishment. Each class is focused on having a great workout, while also having fun! Maya started working at UREC teaching cycling, but will soon begin to venture into new formats as well. You can often find her with a Starbucks and book in hand around campus so always feel free to say hey if you see her around!

Photo of Wendall


BA Political Science with a minor in Chinese, anticipated 2019

Wendall is both a cardio kickboxing instructor and personal hype woman! She loves to encourage clients, peers, and friends to be their best selves through having fun and moving! She sees exercise & her own class as a way to connect with our bodies, intentionally fostering safe and challenging methods of movement— while encouraging healthy, research-backed exercises. Wendall seeks to hold an inclusive space, where diverse folks of different body types and skill can come and collectively work together to foster healthy relationships with their bodies. The best thing she can walk away knowing is that a client challenged and engaged themselves in a new way and shared meaningful community with those doing the same.


Photo of Emma


BS Psychology, Minor Biology, anticipated 2018
YogaFit Level 1, 2015

Emma has been practicing yoga since she was little, starting when her mom would bring her to children’s classes. Over the years she has returned to it at different points, always feeling grateful for both the physical movement of the practice as well as the calming nature of it. In 2015, Emma trained for a Level 1 Certification from YogaFit and she's excited to keep learning and growing. In her classes she emphasizes, through various modifications and encouragements, that the practice of yoga is your practice, and that you know your body best. When she's not teaching yoga or exercising, she loves to explore Seattle by taking walks around new neighborhoods, reading a good book outside, or cooking a meal with friends.

Photo of Darcy


Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
Certified Viniyoga Therapist

Darcy is a certified yoga therapist and instructor through The American Viniyoga Institute. She has practiced a variety of yoga styles over the last decade and for the last six years has concentrated her study and teaching on adapting yoga in group contexts to serve a wide variety of body types and abilities. Her studies in yoga anatomy and yoga for specific conditions  also support her passion to serve students who benefit from more individualized approaches to yoga than the general class offers. Working one-to-one with those caring for injury, long-term conditions, or general limitations of aging are services she offers as a Mind Body Personal Trainer as well. Her goals are to help students safely develop strength and flexibility, find relief from the stress of busy lives, and experience the focused attention and increased well-being yoga can offer. She loves noodles, yoga philosophy and a good book on a rainy afternoon.

Photo of Melissa


BA in Business, Marketing, Graduation June 2016
American Council on Exercise (ACE), Personal Trainer, February 2015
AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, 2015
YogaFit Level 1
CPR/AED and First Aid Certified

Melissa's passion for Personal Training comes from finding her own version of strength over the last two years and helping her body do things she's never thought were possible! She found a way to overcome the plateau of what her workouts had become since coming to college. She has played varsity sports for over 12 years now and grew up with fitness being integral to her daily life. During her first year of school, she found her workouts falling flat. Soon, however, she found lifting and the UREC community which has elevated her life ever since.

Melissa believes that in order to work towards a healthy body, one must also work on their heart and mind. She wants to help her clients make that special connection. She loves digging deep and helping people find that drive within themselves that helps to push them to the next level. She's here to help you get there. Your sessions will be fine-tuned to what movements and needs you have at that moment; whether that be basic movement patterns, cardio improvements, or overall strength. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Melissa wants to help you figure out how to get to the next steps.

Photo of Logan


BS Sports and Exercise Science, anticipated 2018
American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, 2015
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Fitness Instructor, 2015

If Logan is not helping clients or studying, he loves to exercise himself. He is very passionate about exercise, and he tries to convey that by bringing tons of energy and positivity to each session. For Logan, there is more to exercise than trying to look good. It’s about improving the efficiency of movement, confidence and longevity as we age, and quality of life. He tries to customize each program so that potential clients can feel confident in their abilities to perform physical tasks of every day life, and becoming happier with the way you look is a nice bonus. Seeing clients progress and achieve goals brings him so much joy. So, as long as you want to improve your fitness, Logan would love to work with you.

Photo of Zoe


BS Sports and Exercise Science, anticipated 2017
ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 2016
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Fitness Instructor, 2015
YogaFit Level 1

Zoe's passion for fitness began with her own personal engagement in fitness, and has since grown to a passion for sharing fitness with others. As a group fitness instructor, her main goal is to create an inclusive, safe, fun, and educational environment where people from all different levels feel welcomed. Whether she's teaching Redhawk Fit, Cycling, or Trekking, Zoe makes sure to provide different levels of intensity so that all participants can get the workout they are looking for.

Zoe's classes are led by her fitness philosophy, which is to guide participants to healthier, happier, and more functional lives through educating participants, providing well-rounded and inclusive workouts, and helping participants develop self-love, self-efficacy, and internal motivation. Whether you are working towards a goal, or just looking to add some regular exercise to your schedule, come say hi, and see if one of her classes is right for you!

Photo of Solana


B.A. Strategic Communication, anticipated 2018
Vitality Pilates Mat Certification

Solana was first introduced to Pilates while training in classical ballet. After her first class she was hooked, and continued to practice throughout her training and into her career as a professional dancer. Solana initially pursued Pilates certification specifically to specialize in rehabilitation and cross-training for athletes and dancers, but quickly found it beneficial to all bodies. Her teaching experience has exposed her to a wide variety of body types, skill levels, and physical abilities. Pilates focus on uniting mind and body is something Solana is deeply connected to as a practitioner, and equally invested in sharing as an instructor. Attend a Solana Pilates class and expect to immerse yourself in an inclusive space where you will challenge your strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness! 

Photo of Kanani


B.A. in Marketing and International Business

As an avid Cardio Dance participant at Seattle University, Kanani decided it was time she stepped up to the front and led a class of her own. She found that pursuing her business degree, while also being a certified group fitness instructor satisfied both of her passions. Find her droppin’ it low at the fitness center to a mix of all dance styles that will incorporate bodyweight exercises and high intensity cardio. This class is sure to get your heart racing while still having plenty of fun! If she's not dancing, you can find Kanani practicing yoga, brunching her way through Capitol Hill, or studying of course!  

Photo of Paul


BS Sociology, Minor Spanish, anticipated 2018
200 hour YTT - Practice School of Magic

While Paul had been practicing yoga for a few years, Paul committed to the study of yoga when they were living abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina two years ago. In Argentina, Paul learned that yoga is not just a physical exercise but rather a moving meditation. In yoga, Paul encourages you to use your body to calm the nervous system in order to detox and restore yourself, both physically and emotionally. In their classes, Paul emphasizes following your breath, non-judgmental self study and community engagement. In their free time, Paul loves to spend their time experiencing nature, participating in social movements or studying yoga.