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Your Redhawk Experience

Connect With Community

Establish Your SU Home

Residential communities, Collegia, student organizations, mentors and key events throughout each quarter provide opportunities to form lifelong friendships with peers, staff and community members. Your expanding community will challenge you to find comfort in discomfort, explore the intersections of Seattle's unique culture, identities, and interests, and broaden your understanding of the Capitol Hill neighborhood's symbiotic relationship with the university; all shaping your Redhawk Experience.

Ready to jumpstart your Redhawk Experience?


  • Establish a network of support throughout the intersecting aspects of your life
  • Utilize ConnectSU to enhance your interests with campus involvement and community engagement
  • Get invested in your community during hall or Collegia programs and leadership opportunities
  • Use this time to test, succeed and fail forward
Start New Relationships

Put yourself out there and meet new people! Introduce yourself, whether in class, grabbing lunch, your Collegia or residence hall. Making new friends can start with a simple, “Hello”.

Engage In Service

Jesuit education is all about improving the community for a more just and humane world. Often, this journey leads to finding friends with common values whom you wouldn't have otherwise met. Creating a healthy community starts with establishing healthy relationships.

Identify Support

No one expects you to journey through this new experience alone! By finding individuals and offices to help carry you through the smooth and rough moments, you'll be setting yourself up for success. Remember that it's ok to ask for help!

Athletes, fans and staff practice drills together during the annual Midnight Madness event to celebrate the beginning of basketball season and show what being a Redhawk is all about.

International students serve dishes from their home countries to their friends and family during the International Student Center's biggest annual event, the International Dinner.

Commit and Explore

Where do you start?

No journey worth taking is completely mapped out in advance. It unfolds as you commit. Making a commitment is a signal to yourself and to the world that illuminates the path toward your destination. Stretch your boundaries, develop new skills and become your best self. Gain clarity and confidence by making connections at SU.

more likely to report a strong sense of well-being after graduation

Becoming invloved on your campus increases your likelihood to seek out resources in times of need and helps you feel invested in your education (Gallup-Purdue Study, 2014). Start getting involved by joining a club via ConnectSU!

Albers School of Business and Economics students practice teamwork and leadership at a high ropes course in southern Washington.

SEAC's annual Quadstock, Seattle University's biggest event of the year, is an all-day event during spring quarter bringing the entire campus together for carnival-like festivities.

Register and login to your ConnectSU account and search for clubs and service opportunities that match your interests.

Download the Redhawk Experience app to see what other students are saying on campus.

A community needs a soul if it is to become a true home for human beings. You, the people, must get it this soul.

Pope John Paul II

Move In Day 2016