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The Redhawk Experience

Develop Valued Skills

Practicing the Tools for Success

Strengthening the skills you need to be successful in your professional, community and personal life is an important part of your growth.  In addition to being prepared for your profession, employers look for critical thinking, teamwork, perseverance and ethical decision-making.  Your classes, out of the classroom activities, and off campus experiences will help you develop these desirable skills.


  • Understand where you are in your skill development and set goals for growth
  • Choose opportunities and experiences to learn and develop
  • Develop habits of reflection and feedback to create an ongoing process for development
  • Build your portfolio of experiences with intention, year by year to achieve your goals

Growing Through Action

The Jesuits call the process of learning by doing, reflecting and then drawing meaning from the experience praxis, and it is a critical part of an SU education.  Think about skill-building as developing your portfolio strategically as you go, with each learning opportunity building on the one before.  Make the most of each project, class, or activity by reflecting on how you contributed and grew as a result.


  • Complete an internship aligned with your career direction or an area of interest
  • Volunteer with the Center for Community Engagement’s Campus Partners to build skills you need
  • Work with a mentor to make goals and strategize about involvement
  • Reflect on experiences and activities with Career Services to translate the skills you’re building on your resume and in interviews
  • Attend a professional or leadership conference like iLead to continue learning

Did You Know?

Those who are engaged at work are 4.6 times more likely to feel a sense of well-being post-graduation.

Factors in college that lead to being engaged at work and contribute to developing the real skills employers are looking for:

  • Having a mentor
  • Completing an internship
  • Being involved in extra-curricular activities

Source: 2016 Job Outlook Survey by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE)

Skills Employers Want

Taking time for yourself

Are you dedicating more time learning about the interests that are most important to you?

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