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What is RevSU?

RevSU is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program to substantially upgrade student, employee, and financial records, and make it generally easier to engage with Seattle University. 

Upcoming Projects

The next RevSU project, updating the Student Module, is planned for October 16th. For more information please see the links below:

  • Transition Dates - planned account freeze and downtime
  • Student Module - transition to Colleague XE and some of the impacts for Students, Faculty, and Advisors
  • InformSU - report changes that have happened and are planned (SUDDS is still available) 

If you're returning to campus after a summer away, the following links highlight some of the changes that have taken place:

  • Finance Module - new chart of accounts, organizational hierarchy has been updated
  • InformSU - now home to financial reports
  • ProcureSU - home to many forms, including reimbursements, this is the tool Seattle University now uses for purchasing 

RevSU Goals

  • Leverage modern tools and best operational practices to provide an excellent education rooted in the Jesuit and Catholic tradition.
  • Create an effective and efficient operational environment that allows faculty, staff, and students to focus on their highest value activities.
  • Transform the technology processes of the University to ensure agile, adaptable, and sustainable operational excellence.