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Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services staff members are available to assist students and their families in pursuit of a Seattle University education.  The goals of the SFS staff are to:

  • Provide excellent, student-centered services
  • Help students apply for and receive financial aid
  • Help students pay for their educational expenses

The primary functions of Student Financial Services are to provide efficient administration of financial aid, student employment and student accounts and to offer a flexible array of services to students pursuing their educational dreams.

Reminder: Password Reset

Third Party Access to SU Online AND Authorized User access to Student Account Center requires a password reset every 90 days.

Walk-in Appointments

Mon-Tues: 10AM-3PM & 4:30PM-6PM

Wed-Fri: 10AM-3PM

STUDENT ACCOUNT CENTER: The Student Account Center allows students and authortized parents to view billing statements for the current term (along with residual balances from prior terms), and the ability to store payment methods and schedule future payment plan payments. 

***If you are an authorized party calling about your student's account, please be prepared to provide the student's ID number and the access word the student created to give you authority to their information in compliance with FERPA law.