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School of Theology and Ministry

Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs

Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry’s Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs is devoted to exploring the contributions religious wisdom makes in understanding and responding to major global issues. The Center brings together religious scholars from around the nation and world to research a pressing social problem, in dialogue with local religious leaders and other stakeholders, with the aim of unleashing smarter faith-based social action.  Every two years, the Center will focus on a specific social issue, such as, institutional racism, immigration or the unsustainable use of environmental resources. The Center is first focusing on the issue of homelessness.

The Center synthesizes three resources – civically engaged academic scholarship, faith-based action and theological education.  It seeks to help faith-based leaders and activists become more thoughtful in their social action; scholars to become more relevant in their research and attentive to practical application of their thought; and students to learn from this interchange and become smart and effective “public” theologians capable of presenting the wisdom of religious traditions to the broader community.

The Center’s innovative approach to creating synergies around research, social engagement and learning has already caught the attention of highly selective philanthropic organizations and private donors in the region and nationwide.

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Manuel J. Mejido, Ph.D. | Director
School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University
206-296-5330 |

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Maria Groen | Senior Director of Development
School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University
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