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School of Theology and Ministry

Civically Engaged Academic Scholarship

The Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs integrates scholarly examination of pressing social issues with practical, solution-oriented responses initiated by faith communities and their organizations.

In each cycle of study and action, the center gathers a global cohort of 10-15 theologians and scholars of religion from a variety of faith traditions and disciplines for an annual symposium at Seattle University to explore a particular social issue such as homelessness, poverty and inequalities, conflict and violence, migration and displacement and institutional racism. This cycle of study and action will help create a public theology grounded in interfaith dialogue that draws on the best thinking in major religious traditions and spiritualties, in regards to a particular year’s focus. 

The Center:

  • Builds a knowledge base that captures the best interfaith thinking about the religious, spiritual and ethical dimensions of the social issue at hand.
  • Disseminates best practices and learnings from the scholars’ and faith leaders’ ongoing work to School of Theology and Ministry faculty, students and the broader community.

Meet the Scholars