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School of Theology and Ministry

Faith-Based Action

Recognizing that now, more than ever, strong and unified religious voices are needed in public life, the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs helps religious leaders gain the resources and tools they need to effectively address issues of social justice and the common good.

The Center convenes the Puget Sound Interfaith Network for Public Theology, an innovative cohort of religious leaders committed to articulating interfaith positions around pressing social issues.  This pilot group of local religious leaders from different faith traditions will engage Center scholars and their research with the following goals: 1) explore a new method of public theology that integrates theological reflection with local faith-based activism; 2) provide a feedback loop for scholars that will allow them to perform research and analysis that is aligned with the local realities, challenges and best practices of religious communities and faith-based organizations; 3) provide an important resource for policy analysis and advocacy initiatives; and, 4) enhance the skill set of religious leaders to serve as public intellectuals.

The Center:

  • Provides technical assistance and educational resources to faith leaders and communities engaged in social action or advocacy around the Center’s social issue.
  • Partners with local religious leaders and others to identify areas in which faith-led action could lead to social change around the Center’s specific social issue.

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