Health Insurance Requirement and Waiver


Winter quarter waiver is now closed. 

As a default, full-time undergraduate students (12 credits or more) are automatically enrolled in the Seattle University contracted Student Health Insurance Plan through USI Insurance Services. This plan renews automatically and is billed annually to the student's account in the first full-time quarter of the year. For continuing full time students the first full-time quarter of the year is Fall quarter.

The Waiver is now closed for Winter quarter. The waiver will open for Spring quarter in late February and is only available to students who were not full time in previous quarters (Fall, Winter) or students who are starting their first quarter at Seattle University. The Spring 2018 premium is $815.71 and is effective 3/23/18-8/31/18.

If you have your own health insurance plan with comparable coverage, you may submit a waiver removing the health insurance premium from your account by:

  1. Submitting a Waiver Form online by the last day to add/drop courses in the student’s first full time quarter; and
  2. Waivers must be submitted for the first full-time quarter EACH academic year. For returning full time students this is Fall quarter every year until graduation.

Please see the Student Handbook (pg. 65) for a full description of the mandatory health insurance requirement (also known as a “tight waiver"). Students who are required to have health insurance will be billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan and it will be seen on your bill. The premium will be reversed if you complete the Waiver by the deadline, mid April 2018.

Waivers must be submitted online (no paper, mail-in, fax-in or call-in waivers are allowed) at the web address provided above by the last day to add/drop courses in the student's first full time quarter.  NO late waivers or exceptions will be accepted after the due date.

If you should have any questions about the waiver or problems completing the online form, please call USI (who manages the waivers)
Phone: 1-800-853-5899.