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Student Life

The Classroom Isn't



Quadstock—Seattle U’s seminal music and arts festival—is a springtime tradition that students plan for every year. The Quad is transformed into a live music venue with bands and entertainment as eclectic as the city that surrounds it. Past performers who have rocked the Quadstock stage include Talib Kweli, OK Go and Macklemore.

Student Life

The Nature


Our city

Between the mountains, rivers and Puget Sound, students expand their horizons by exploring Seattle’s. Go from metropolitan connoisseur to mountaineer in the same day or kayak and canoe without changing zip codes. Here, students discover Seattle by exploring outside city limits.

Student Life

Taking care of the

Whole Student


When Finals Week ramps up we help students wind down. Every quarter Seattle U hosts De-stress with Dogs, where the four-legged friends hang out with students who need to, well, de-stress. It’s an opportunity for students to put aside their books for quality canine time. After a few tosses of the Frisbee the stress flies right out the window.

Student Life



Education Abroad

Seattle University students are encouraged to participate in international academic, internship and service programs. Engagement in education abroad enhances the learning experience and has a tremendous impact on a student's connection to the local and global communities. It nurtures an awareness and openness to new ideas and concepts from a worldly perspective.

Know More

Whether it’s how to run a nonprofit in Thailand or teaching mathematical tables at an elementary school in Seattle, our academic services support students with studies and experiences that last long after they’ve left our campus.

Do More

Explore every body of water except the mainstream. Rock out at Quadstock and discover the next great band. Take a hike through the paths of the Cascades to avoid the beaten ones. Spend an afternoon discovering the nooks and crannies of the shops, live entertainment venues and restaurants that make Capitol Hill a neighborhood that pulses and vibrates. Get out and do more, because what you do outside of the classroom can shape who you are inside.

Be More

With so many different cultures, religions and traditions on campus—one of the most ethnically diverse in the northwest—students learn from each other. They’ll nosh on Colombian food one night and attend Mass on another. With this unique opportunity to explore and understand the world around them, students push themselves to expand their views in order to discover and fortify their own path in life.