Educating the whole person, for the whole world

What do we mean by a Jesuit education? We mean a 450-year-old tradition of academic excellence that educates the whole person for service to the whole world.

Learn from others...

We believe that people learn from each other, and that you have a lot to contribute. Our class sizes are small—the average class is 19 students—and our faculty-to-student ratio of 1 to 13 ensures that you will have plenty of interaction with leading scholars in their fields. Our tradition is interdisciplinary and global, so that you learn from the best thinking across fields and places. You will broaden your perspective at the same time that you deepen your expertise in your chosen program of study. think for yourself...

Being well-educated means thinking for yourself. That’s more than just having opinions. It’s intellectual curiosity, listening, lifelong learning, and analytical and critical thinking skills. It means recognizing the human dignity in people from other cultures, places, and points of view.

and take on the world.

Our tradition emphasizes education not just for its own sake, but to prepare skilled, ethical, wise professionals who will serve the world in their chosen careers. A Jesuit education is ideal for people who want to make a difference. Whatever your field—in the arts, sciences, humanities, or professions—Seattle University students are prepared to work for a more just and humane world.